Health Days 2014

World Milk Day
The World Milk Day is marked on the first of June every year. The world first celebrated it in 2001. Similarly, observing it, the world bodies aim to educate the communities on what pertains to the milk with respect to its sources, nutritional elements, its significance in terms of preventing from the diseases and maintaining the health.
Approved Date:
Worldly: June 1, 2014
Locally: Sha'aban 3, 1435h
Theme of the World Milk Day 2014:
"Milk is the First Food for Human"
Targeted Group:
  • All the community groups: the elderly, women, children, youths, and sport professionals.
  • Groups vulnerable for developing health problems due to lacking of milk in their daily diet.
  • Physicians and nutritionists 
  • Identifying the nutritional value for the milk and its products.
  • Familiarizing with the daily need of the milk and its products for the community groups.
  • Knowing the milk substitutes and derivatives.
  • Providing incentive means for serving and drinking the milk.
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