Health Days 2013

World Physical Activity Day
 World Physical Activity Day
"No Barriers to Physical Activity"
Accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

•    Under the theme "No barriers to physical activity", the World Physical Activity 2013 is marked, with the aim of exercising regularly for health. Thus, physically active people are characterized with having low injury rates of coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, colon and breast cancer, depression, less likely to be vulnerable for fall and thigh and backbone break, more conducive to maintain an ideal weight.  

•    Such a Day is celebrated annually on the purpose of enhancing the concept of the physical activity, health benefits resulting from doing it regularly, and the harm ensuing from the physical stagnation. 

Through this Day, we aim at disseminating the health awareness among all the community members. And it is everyone's right to lead a proper health living, Allah willing; this is through being physically active and eating healthy.

Targeted Groups:
•    All those working in the health field.
•    Decision-makers in the health field.
•    All the community members: females and males.

General Objectives:
•    Obtaining the basic concepts related to the physical activity and health, and the necessary applied skills for the physical activity prescription in case of being ill or healthy.
•    Necessity of setting clear-cut policies developing engagement in enjoyable physical activities, and going on throughout one's life.
•    Limiting the risks of getting injured with non-infectious diseases such as   some cancer types like breast and colon cancer, diabetes, and heart and obesity diseases; through increasing the physical activity of the various age community groups for both genders.
•    Turning the currently-dominant lifestyles in the Saudi community into more healthy lifestyles.  

Facts on the Physical Activity- Physical Stagnation:
•    In a study recently published in 2012, on the British magazine the Lancet, in which the population attributable risk was calculated, associated with the physical stagnation for several chronic diseases, as well as all-cause mortality the world over, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came in the highest rank of the Middle East region, and was top-ranked worldly. Thus, statistics underline that the population attributable risk associated with the physical stagnation of the coronary heart diseases amounts to 11, 4%, 14, 1% for diabetes, 19, 9% for chest cancer, 20, 4% for colon cancer, and 18, 4% for the all-cause mortality.
•    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, the physical stagnation is behind 6% of death rates which are registered. Further, the physical stagnation is the principal cause of the occurrence of over 21% to 25% of colon and breast cases, 27% of diabetics, and 30% of the ensuing burden of heart diseases.
•    The physical stagnation is fourth-ranked among the principal risk factors, behind the occurrence of the world's mortality.
•    The physical stagnation is instrumental in getting injured with a spare of chronic diseases such as some cancer types like breast and colon cancer, second type diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. 
•    The world Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that children aging 5-17 do at least moderate to highly vigorous physical activity of 60-minute-total daily. All the more, it has recommended that for adults of 18-64 age group exercise at moderate-vigorous pace for at least 150 minutes all week long, or do an equal amount of physical activity at moderate to vigorous pace. It is advised to do the overall activity at intervals, no less than 10 minutes per each.

Physical Activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
The Saudis' physical stagnation rate according to two wide-scale studies, published in 2007 and 2011:

In 2007, the physical stagnation rate of the Saudi males and females, aging 30-70, registered 84, 4% for males and 90, 3% for females.

On the other hand, in 2011, the physical stagnation rate of the Saudi adolescents, aging 14-19, amounted to 44, 5% for males and 78, 1% for females. 

Date of the World Physical Activity Day:
Internationally approved date: 6/4/2013
Locally approved date: to 25/5/1434H

Theme of the World Physical Activity Day:
Accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity every day.



Exercising 30 minutes daily for adults, and 60 minutes daily for children and adolescents; and to sum up that all, it is recommended walking, riding bicycle, parking your car away from the place of your getting off, using stairs, not sitting more than 30 straight minutes, playing, exercising, and dancing. 
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