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MOH Apps for Smartphones
​​​​​​​«Sehhaty» Platform​:
«Sehhaty» is a national e-platform that provides all health services to individuals; with a view to being the health guide and reference for individuals in the Kingdom, in integration with MOH’s health services and systems, in addition to the whole health system.صحه/id1205814003?mt=8
«Anat» Platform: 
«Anat» platform is meant to provide channels of communication between health practitioners in their various specialties, as well as providing services that facilitate their work and raise the level of health services offered to patients.​صحه/id1205814003?mt=8

Health Volunteering App:
The Health Volunteering Application (HVA) aims to facilitate volunteers' access to volunteering opportunities. It also allows them to participate in multiple initiatives that match their fields and skills. The application enables volunteers to view their personal accounts and monitor their achievements. It also facilitates communication and access to volunteer opportunities.​صحه/id1205814003?mt=8
«Mawared» App:​
The Enterprise Resource Planning «Mawared» Application is designed to enable MOH staff to use official self-services, manage administrative and financial notifications and approvals, and to follow up the employee performance evaluation (EPE). It, also, aims to help them benefit from promotional offers and discounts, and to get acquainted with the latest events and occasions through a unified platform and a unique user experience.موارد-mawared/id1260292474?mt=8
MOH Formulary App:​
MOH Formulary App. provides pharmaceutical information easily and at high speed for health practitioners through their smart phones using iOS or Android platforms. The App users can learn about all types of approved medications, their properties, side effects, protocols, regulations and laws related to them, as well as benefiting from research services offered by the Formulary. It also provides easy-to-understand patient-oriented information on various healthcare domains.صحه/id1205814003?mt=8

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