Health Days 2012

World Health Day
   The topic of World Health Day in 2012 is Aging and its relevance to health, under the theme of "Good health adds life to years". World Health Day 2012 focuses on how good health can add life to years, enabling older men and women to not only live longer, but also to extend their active involvement in all levels of society. It is known that aging is inevitable, but people differ greatly as to the extent they get older. Even if we were young in our minds, we must maintain our social, psychological and physical health to survive in a good health and maintain our independence for a long time when we get old. As much as we desire to add years to life, we must also add life to years.
On this year's World Health Day, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is aiming at going beyond the stage of raising awareness and implementing concrete actions, making a positive change and engaging all segments of society - from policy makers and service providers to the elderly and young people - in order to do the following:
  • Adopting the necessary procedures to create communities that value older people, recognize them as valuable resources and enable them to fully participate in the various fields.
  • Contributing to health protection and improving during aging.
This Day could be taken as an opportunity to highlight how this change can happen; to give examples for the way solder people can contribute towards their families and their local communities in various regions of the world; and to promote a healthy lifestyle throughout life to protect the health and reduce the disability and pain during aging. The World Health Day spotlights the crucial value of an appropriate environment for the elderly, early detection and prevention of diseases, provision of the necessary care for the elderly, and attainment of social and economic objectives related to human development.

Internationally Approved Date: 7/4/2012.

Locally Approved Date: 15/5/1433H.

Theme of the World Health Day 2012:
(Good health adds life to years)
Targeted Groups:
  • The elderly and their families.
  • The youth
  • Care and service Providers for the elderly and their families
  • Health Sector Workers
  • Entire society.
Health Message of the World Health Day:
  • The elderly are the valuable resource for their communities and they should feel so.
  • Good health throughout life is one of the things that help us make the most use of the positive aspects of aging.
  • Communities that care for elderly populations and support their full participation in daily life will be better prepared to adapt to the changing world.
Accomplishment of the World Health Day Messages:
Healthy aging can be ensured through the following procedures:
  • Protecting health in the lifespan of every person
  • Creating suitable environments for the elderly that focus on preserving their health and participation in various fields.
  • Providing access to basic primary health care, long-term care and palliative care services
  • Recognizing the value of the elderly and helping them to participate fully in the family and community life.
Expected Results:
  • Increasing realization that good health throughout life contributes to ensuring happiness and production capability during the period of aging.
  • People's awareness of stereotypes associated with discrimination against the elderly, supporting elderly in order to remain active, reasonable and respectable members in society.
  • Governments should implement innovative strategies in order to ensure that elderly people have a good health.
  • Governments should take immediate action and address public health challenges related to population aging, which gives a special importance in low-and middle-income countries.
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