Health Days 2012

The Gulf Oral Health Week
   The Gulf Oral Health Week  is launched every year on March 24th. This event is organized in compliance with the GCC plan approved in the 66th Conference of GCC Ministers of Health, and in line with the MOH's inclination to put preventive procedures into effect, thus raising the level of dental and oral health and reducing the incidence of tooth decay (also known as dental cavities).
This week is meant to raise awareness among all society members, especially children, of the importance of caring for oral and dental health, and shed light on the relationship between oral health and food, in addition to activating the preventive role of those working in the field of dentistry.
Dental Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Curative and preventive services in the field of oral and dental health are provided via 1982 dental clinics annexed to hospitals and health centers spread throughout the Kingdom as follows:
  • 1138 dental clinics annexed to health centers.
  • 449 dental clinics annexed to hospital.
  • 395 dental clinics annexed to specialized centers.
  • 55 mobile dental clinics.
The number of specialized dental centers is 30 centers covering all the Kingdom's regions.
Internationally Approved Date: from 24 to 29 March, 2012.
Locally Approved Date: from 1 to 6 Jumada II, 1433H.
 “Balance Your Diet, to Enjoy Good Oral Health”
Targeted Categories:
  • Patients (especially children).
  • The public.
  • Dentists and dental technicians.
  • Health workers, organizations and decision-makers.
Objectives and General Mission of the  Gulf Oral Health Week :
  • Identifying the most significant problems related to oral and dental health.
  • Shedding light on the dental-related role of food, and its relation with oral health.
  • Revealing the relations between oral diseases and some chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
  • Identifying the available ways of prevention, to raise people's awareness of oral and dental health, and reduce the incidence of tooth decay.
  • How to care for the mouth and teeth.

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