Health Days 2015

Gulf Patient Rights Day
Promoting the culture of patient rights and responsibilities amid society members towards health facilities has a great impact on improving the medical services provided to them.
Therefore, the Ministry of Health (MOH), represented by Patient Rights and Relations General Department, in collaboration with the Executive Board of GCC Health Ministers Council, decided to dedicate a day for the Gulf patient's rights. This Day aims at entrenching the concepts and raising awareness amid all society segments on the rights and responsibilities of patients and their families.
Furthermore, the exchange and spread of expertise between the GCC countries achieve the principles of transparency, quality, initiative and innovation, as well as benefiting from the successful experiences in these countries. That is to be added to highlighting the achievements of Patient Rights and Relations General Department; with a view to benefitting from and applying these achievements in these countries of similar environments, due to the cultural and civilizational similarities.
GCC approved date: February 1st, 2015.
Corresponding to: Rabie Al-Akher 12th, 1436H.
 Targeted groups:
  • Workers in the health sector.
  • Health organizations and societies.
  • Decision makers in the health sector.
  • The public.
Last Update : 18 February 2016 03:30 PM
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