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GCC Oral Health Week
Oral and dental health is an integral, inseparable part of general health, which affects and is affected by it whether positively or negatively. Since the proportion of oral and dental diseases in GCC countries – particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – greatly exceeds the proportion of both developed and developing countries, it is imperative to consolidate efforts, and make every endeavor to reduce the incidence of such diseases; especially tooth decay among kids of the GCC countries.
Emanating from their understanding of the importance of dental and oral health, the GCC Health Ministers, in the 56th Conference of the GCC Council of Health Ministers, held in Geneva on 16/5/1429H (22/5/2008), have taken decision no. 4, stipulating many items, most importantly approving the GCC Plan to Promote Oral and Dental Health, which had been put forth by the GCC Committee for Oral and Dental Health Care.
Within this framework, the GCC Committee for Oral and Dental Health Care sought to put plans and programs that would contribute to protecting the society from oral and dental diseases.
In addition, the GCC Plan has been prepared for oral and dental health as a scientific and practical guide of the member countries.
Tooth decay is widespread among the Saudi Society, especially children; as the percentage of those who have it is more than 90% in the different regions of the Kingdom. In this spirit, the theme of this year's GCC Unified Week to Enhance Oral and Dental Health is (Teeth: your health and beauty), which comes as part of the joint efforts exerted by the GCC Committee for Oral and Dental Health Care.
This week is meant to raise awareness among all society members, especially children, of the importance of oral and dental health care, and shed light on how to maintain oral and dental health, in addition to activating the preventive role of those working in the field of dentistry.
Dental Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Curative and preventive services in the field of oral and dental health are provided via 1982 dental clinics annexed to hospitals and health centers spread throughout the Kingdom as follows:
  • 1138 dental clinics annexed to health centers.
  •  449 dental clinics annexed to hospital.
  • 395 dental clinics annexed to specialized centers.
  • 55 mobile dental clinics.
The number of specialized dental centers is 30 centers covering all the Kingdom's regions.
Internationally Approved Date: from 30 March to 5 April, 2013.
Locally Approved Date: from 18 to 24 Jumada I, 1434H.
(Teeth: your health and beauty)


Targeted Groups:


  •  Children.
  •  Parents.
  • The public.
  •  Dentists and dental technicians.
  • Health workers, organizations and decision-makers.

Objectives and Health Messages:

  • Raise awareness among the society, especially children and their parents, on how to take care of dental and oral health.
  • Activate the role of social institutions in supporting and implementing preventative programs.
  • Activate the preventive role in the field of dental medicine.
  • Participate with health services providers in implementing oral and dental preventative programs.



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