Health Days 2012

Gulf Nursing Day
   The Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) has proclaimed March 13th, every year, as the Gulf Nursing Day (also known as GCC Nurses Day). In 2012, this day falls on Rabi' II 20th, 1433H. As already well known, the Muslim woman has been first involved in nursing work on Ramadan 17th, in the second Hijri year. By celebrating this day, we seek to put into action the Recommendation No. 14 put forward by the 74th Meeting of the Executive Board of GCC Ministers of Health. Needless to say, nursing, bringing together the elegant behavior and humanitarian dimension, plays a significant role in the process of health services provision. It is for this reason that nursing requires comprehensive medical knowledge and experience, to provide patients with best-quality health services.
Internationally Approved Date: 13/3/2012
Locally Approved Date: 20/4/1433H
Promoting nursing profession is a societal responsibility.
Targeted Groups:
  • Health authorities and health decision-makers.
  • Directors of nursing departments.
  • Nursing staff (both general and specialized nurses).
  • Those interested in nursing.
  • All society members.
General Objective of the Gulf Nursing Day:
Shedding light on the achievements accomplished and efforts exerted in the nursing field by the GCC states' ministries of health, and paying close attention to how to promote the nursing profession.
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