Health Days 2020

World Thalassemia Day


World Thalassemia Day is celebrated every year on May 8th to commemorate Thalassemia victims and to encourage those who struggle to live with the disease. 

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes your body to have less hemoglobin than normal. Hemoglobin enables red blood cells to carry oxygen.
  • Thalassemia can cause anemia, leaving you fatigued.
  • Mild thalassemia may not need treatment.
  • More severe forms may require regular blood transfusions.
  • You can take steps to cope with fatigue, such as choosing a healthy diet and exercising regularly.​

  • Raising awareness on Thalassemia, its symptoms, and ways to live with it.
  • Raising awareness on the importance of consulting a doctor before marriage if a person has thalassemia.
  • Raising awareness on the importance of vaccinations for children's health, society and the whole world.
  • Redressing misconceptions about vaccinations.

Official Date:

Globally: May 8th, 2020.
Locally: Ramadan 15th, 1441H.

Last Update : 03 May 2020 02:54 AM
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