Health Days 2014

Unified Gulf Week for Boosting the Oral and Dental Health
The oral and dental health is part and parcel of the public health negatively or positively getting affected by it and affecting it. Since the injury rate of the oral and dental diseases in the Gulf Cooperation Council's states, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, increasingly surpasses the developed and developing states alike, it is entailed joining hands and exerting every effort helping reduce the incidence of these diseases, namely the tooth decay afflicting the Gulf Cooperation Council's children.
Given the awareness of their Excellency the Ministers' Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for the significance of the oral and dental health, they issued the decision No. 4 at the sixty-fifth conference of the FCC'S cabinet, held in Geneva on 21/5/2008. This decision provides a number of items, the most important of which is to approve the gulf plan of the oral and dental health care, submitted by the Gulf Committee for the Oral and Dental Health.
In a similar fashion, the Gulf Committee for the Oral and Dental Health, supervised by the Executive Board of the GCC Ministers' Council, worked on developing the plans and programs which contribute to protecting the society against the oral and dental diseases. Accordingly, the gulf plan for the oral and dental health care was crafted as scientific and practical evidence of the member states.
Facts on the oral and dental health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
  •  In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The percentage of the children suffering from the tooth decay whose ages are six and twelve amounted to 96% and 93, 7% per each.
  • The therapeutic and preventive services in the dentistry and oral and dental surgery field are provided for the citizens through 2408 dental clinics in the health centers and hospitals throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as follows:
    • 1405 clinics in the health centers
    • 468 clinics in the hospitals
    • 535 clinics in the specialized centers
    • 104 mobile and transformed clinics

Further, the number of the specialized dental centers reached 31 ones covering the entire health regions.

Accredited Date:
Worldly: March 23-27, 2014
Domestically: Jumada al-Awwal 22- 26, 1435
Logo of the Oral and Dental Health Week
"Teeth: Health and Beauty"
Targeted Groups:
  • Children
  • Parents 
  • Society in general
  • Dentists and dental technicians
  • Workers of the health sectors, associations, and decision makers
Objectives and Health Messages:
  • Educating, namely children and parents, on the importance and ways of taking care of the oral and dental health.
  • Activating the roles of the society institutions in terms of supporting and implementing the preventive programs.
  • Putting into effect the preventive role of the labor force in the dentistry field.
  • Having the health service providers participate in carrying out the preventive programs related to the oral and dental health. 
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