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World Tuberculosis Day
 World TB Day 2013
 (Stop TB in My Lifetime)
The World TB Day contributes to raising awareness of tuberculosis epidemic which had global repercussions. Thus, this disease inflicts one third of the world's population, most of them live in the developing countries. Stop TB strategy group; it is a network including the organizations and countries which work on combating this disease, organizes this world day to highlight the importance of the disease and how to prevent it and its treatment.
This annual event is marked on March 24th of every year to commemorate Dr. Robert Koch's discovery, in 1882, for tubercle bacillus causing tuberculosis, which was the first step towards diagnosing the disease and its treatment. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) seeks to limit the TB incidence rates and deaths by double by the advent of 2013.
Thus, the proposed ends as part of the millennium developmental goals have already achieved; and they are stemming the TB epidemic spread and restricting it by the advent of 2015.
The new tuberculosis cases kept receding over the years; it declined by 2, 2% from 2010 to 2011.
The death rates resulting from tuberculosis have declined by 41% since 1990. And the world is on its way to reach the global end related to reducing this rate: 50% by the advent of 2015, having both the rate of deaths and injuries in all the World Health Organization six regions, and in most of the twenty second countries which are heavily burdened with this disease, they include more than 80% of the world's tuberculosis cases.
In 2013, we launch the second year of the initiative "Stop TB in My Lifetime" associated with the World TB Day campaign, which lasts for two years. And the theme of this year's campaign "Right from the Beginning, We Want to Put an End to TB", which gives all people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to express their hopes with regard to controlling tuberculosis.
The tuberculosis infection is transmitted through air and it can cause death. Also, to recover from it is not costly, but its combat needs an ongoing funding.
Rates of the Disease Incidence at the Global and Regional Level:
Burden of the Disease:
Geographically speaking, the biggest burden of tuberculosis is located in Asia and Africa; India and China together includes 40% of the world's tuberculosis cases. And 60% of cases are located in Southeast Asia Region and Western Pacific Region. The African region includes 24% of the world's cases and it witnesses the highest incidence and death rates. On the global level, the incidence rate of the new cases is estimated at 3, 7%, and 20% of the cases which previously received multidrug-resistant tuberculosis.
Over 60% of the world's multidrug-resistant tuberculosis cases are located in India. China, Russia, South Africa. And the highest rate of the multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients exists in Eastern Europe, Central Asia; there are 80% of tuberculosis cases among those living with HIV/Aids in Africa.  Further, it is difficult to estimate the tuberculosis burden among children less than 15 years; it is estimated at 0, 05 million TB cases, and 64 thousand death cases among children in 2011.
Tuberculosis Rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Numbers:

- The total numbers of the new pulmonary and non-pulmonary tuberculosis incidence reached 4294 cases in 2010 by 15, 82 incidence rate for every 100,000 people of the population. This shows an increase by 0, 26 every 100,000 people in 2009. Such an increase is attributed to the ongoing improvement of registering cases and reporting them, as well as the continuous education of community on various occasions including the World Tuberculosis Day.

- The pulmonary tuberculosis incidence rate reached 69, 61% whereas the non-pulmonary tuberculosis rate reached 30, 39 of the total of the tuberculosis incidence numbers registered in 2010.

Epidemiological Analysis of the Pulmonary Tuberculosis:
The pulmonary tuberculosis incidence rate reached 110, 01 cases for every 100,000 people of the population in 2010 by a 0, 06 increase for every 100,000 in 2009.
Distribution of TB Incidence according to Nationality and Gender:
- 49, 7% of pulmonary tuberculosis incidence was registered for Saudis compared to 50.2% of non-Saudis.
- 62, 8% of pulmonary tuberculosis incidence numbers were registered for males compared to 37, 2% of females.
The highest incidence rate was registered for:
  • Saudi males   32,1%
  •  Non-Saudi males 30,7%
  • Non-Saudi females 19,6%
  • Saudi females    17,7%
Internationally Approved Date: 24/3/2013.
- Locally Approved Date: 12/5/1434H.
Theme of the World Tuberculosis Day 2013:
“Stop TB in My Lifetime”
Targeted Group:
  • Those injured with active tuberculosis.
  • Those suffering from latent tuberculosis (TB) infection.
  • Persons in contact with those injured with Tuberculosis for a long period of time.
  • Those working in the health care and in direct contact with tuberculosis patients.
  • The elderly.
  • Those who are immunocompromised such as HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Those with low income who live in unhealthy environments.
Goals and Missions of the World Tuberculosis Day 2013:
  • To eradicate deaths resulting from tuberculosis. 
  •  To render the comprehensive care provided to the tuberculosis incidence available.
  • To provide a quick, effective treatment for patients.
  •  To provide quick-to appear, cheap, easy –to- conduct examination tests.
  • To provide effective vaccines to protect against tuberculosis.
  • To free community of tuberculosis.
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