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Ease of Usage
​​​​​​The m​ain objective of the MOH portal is to provides easy access to information and services to all users, regardless of their educational or technical backgrounds. Some of the major features of the portal’s operation are outlined below: 
  • Portal Menu:The portal menu appears in two locations: the upper menu and the sidebar menu. The best international practices were used in developing the upper menu, which includes all services organized by category and level of importance. This menu appears on all portal pages to make it easier for the user to navigate the site.  The sidebar menu displays links and information directly related to the page currently being viewed by the user.    
  • Browsing: The portal features a browsing system which enables users to see their current page while moving from one  level to another via links shown on each page and displayed as a sequence of building portal pages.  
  • AJAX Technology: This technology enables easy access to information, data processing and display.  For example, on the homepage, basic portal services are listed and information and you can retrieve service descriptions when you point the curser on each service. This process makes it easy to read the service’s information without reloading the existing page.​
  • Best Browsing: You can browse the MOH portal with all popular browsers, but we recommend using the following browsers to obtain the best-quality display: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. Be sure to use the latest versions of these browsers for fast, efficient results. To make browsing easier, the portal doesn’t use any additional running programs such as Flash or Java Applet.In accordance with the MOH’s dedication to providing the best possible service, the portal supports all types of browsers on screens with different display resolutions. For best browsing results, we recommend using a 1024x768 Pixel monitor. 
المتصفحات المتوافقة مع البوابة  

  • ​Communication Channels: the portal offers many channels of communication, enabling service delivery, updates and notifications according to the user's preferred method, including:
    • Direct communication by email to any applicable device or service, including mobile phone. 
    • Text messaging (SMS) to communicate with users through Recruitment System and others.  
    • Using RSS Protocol to receive portal information updates directly, thus avoiding constant visits to the portal.  This service provides an update summary along with modified page links. 
  • Services for People with Special Needs: MOH is keen to provide services to all sectors of the population. To meet the needs of users with special needs, the portal is equipped with the following enhanced services:
    • Change Text Size: this service enable users with poor vision to read text clearly using the icons as shown below to enlarge or reduce the font size of the text.

    • Change Portal Color: enable users with color-blindness to change the portal color to gray-scaleto make browsing easier for them. 
Gray-Bnr.JPG ​Green.JPG
    • Help visually impaired people to access portal content: this service enables visually impaired users to read the content by clicking on the service icon, as shown below, in the toolbar displayed at the top of the page.. 
Disabilities.JPG ​
Adding to Favorites: The Ministry enables the user to add any pages on MOH Portal to his/her Favorites to create easy access to them.

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