Health Days 2013

World Milk Day
The National Milk Day is marked on the first of June of every year. The world has started celebrating it since 2001. International bodies, by celebrating it, seek to educate communities on all what is related to milk in terms of its sources, nutritional value, and its importance in protecting against diseases and enjoying health.

Globally Approved Date: June 1, 2013
Domestically Approved Date: Rajab 22, 1434h

Targeted Groups:
  • All the community segments, including the elders, women, children, youths, and athletes.
  • Groups more vulnerable to have problems resulting from milk shortage.
  • Physicians and dieticians.
  • Familiarizing people with the nutritional value of milk and its products.
  • Getting to know the daily need of milk, and its products for all segments
  • Getting to know the milk substitutes and derivatives.
  • Encouraging means of milk providing and drinking.


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