Partnerships with Civil Society Organizations

​The Community Participation Program is one of MOH’s initiatives that target activating all elements of society to contribute to healthy development, as well as open new horizons between the ministry and society to improve citizens’ health. MOH launched the Community Participation Program in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.

 It acts as a catalyst that contributes to health development. It does that by creating and implementing effective and sustainable partnerships between MOH and all elements of society. The program aims to direct community resources to priority fields. 

Moreover, it seeks to facilitate community contribution to health development by organizing and encouraging charity in the health care field. It also aims to develop the health volunteer system for health practitioners, build the capacities of private and non-profit health entities and encourage their expansion, as well as reinforce community initiatives for individuals in the field of health. Some of the initiatives and agreements concluded by MOH:
  • The Community Empowerment Initiative​, whose role is to empower community members in the health reinforcement process. It does that by giving them a leadership role to formulate the health problems they face within their neighborhood, define priorities, make decisions, and work to implement them alongside the neighborhood’s concerned health center. This aims to deepen the pioneering role of primary health care. This type of health care aims to enhance the concept of self-care among community members. It is line with the national transformation initiatives and the Saudi Vision 2030.
  • (Wateen) Initiativewhich seeks to reduce the communication gap between donors and blood banks; making the blood donation process much easier.
  • (Shefa) Electronic Platform, which aims to facilitate providing treatment to the needy, stranded people, and emergency cases.
  • A Partnership agreement with​ (Tawahud Steps National Organization) in Makkah to rehabilitate Saudi autistic individuals, free of charge.
  • A Partnership agreement with​ (Rohama'a Health Association) to perform 1,000 eye operations on individuals on MOH’s list of hospitals, in specialized medical centers in the private sector.
  •  Partnership agreement with​ (Al-Eradah) Organization for Talented People with disability. It aims to provide health services and medical coordination to beneficiaries, based on the concept of social responsibility.

Last Update : 29 May 2024 01:04 PM
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