National E- Health Strategy

Benefits to Health System Managers
With eHealth Health System Managers, in Hospitals, PHC’s, Regions and Headquarters will be able to…
  • Manage their areas of responsibility effectively because as they will have all the information  available in a dashboard of up-to-date performance indicators, automatically captured at the point of service, with no delays or manual processes to acquire the information.
  • Drill down into the source details of data appearing on  dashboard  (e.g. by facility, region, provider, etc) to explore problem areas.
  • Compare their area’s performance against similar business areas.
  • Access comparative data from other countries.
  • Effectively plan for Hajj and Umrah because they will have advanced health information from pilgrims and visitors, submitted at the time of Visa application.
  • Produce meaningful and timely executive reports created easily.
  • Be alerted to emerging trends in service delivery, patient conditions, etc.
  • Electronically communicate and collaborate with their co-workers within the MOH, other KSA health organizations, and other international health organizations.
  • Control costs and demand for services, by preventing unnecessary or duplicate services being delivered at the front line through eHealth system controls.
  • Communicate policies (electronically) to all those affected by the policies, and either enforce those policies or report on when they are not being followed.
  • Perform advanced data analytics, including the ability to do “what if” planning.
  • Share information with other health delivery organizations in Saudi Arabia, regarding the delivery of services to patients that we mutually serve

Last Update : 12 April 2011 05:36 PM
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