National E- Health Strategy

Benefits to Patients
The full implementation of the eHealth Vision will directly impact the lives of Patients of MOH facilities and services.  Patients will be able to:
  • Access credible health information from any preferred channel (web, SMS, telephone, booklets).
  • Easily find health services that are needed, at a convenient location, via Web services.
  • Reduce time and confusion when getting services from different locations: previously captured information is available to trusted providers, and then updated with current services.
  • Receive a faster diagnosis when medical care is needed, reducing waiting for services and unnecessary tests and procedures.
  • Reduce the need to re-visit providers, due to lack of  accurate information  or scheduling problems.
  • View their own health information at any time, and be able to see who else has looked at their health information and for what purpose.
  • Add their own information, such as their health status, symptoms, vital signs, or other information that are relevant to their providers.
With eHealth, Patients will feel the difference in MOH Healthcare delivery…
  • They will trust the providers they visit knowing that they have up to date training, proper skills and training, current knowledge based on leading practices and evidence, and their capability, competence and conduct is being monitored and measured.
  • Have confidence that the privacy of personal health information is protected from unauthorized access, and is only seen by those who  need to know.
  • They will have their expectations met,  that every facility they visit will have modern equipment, similar to  health facilities in the private sector, or other developed countries.
  • They will have comfort knowing  that if they need health services when traveling within or outside of Saudi Arabia,  that their personal health information is available to provider(s), after providing consent and security keys, through highly secure Internet access.
  • They will feel safer, knowing that MOH eHealth (computer) systems used by providers will help prevent medical errors and adverse events, such as drug interactions.

Last Update : 12 April 2011 05:16 PM
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