About the Ministry

In order to achieve the Ministry's strategic goals, a culture and values were created defining its identity, where the Ministry's efforts combine to work hand in hand to revive these values and practice them in their daily dealings, leadership, and decisions. The Ministry’s values revolve around 3 basic pillars, which are:

  • Innovation: We create new solutions that respond to different and changing health requirements and developments in the health sector. 
  • Creativity: We are creative in our endeavor to find the right and appropriate means and solutions to meet the needs within our field.
  • Dedication: We exert our outmost effort to raise the level of service provided to the highest possible levels.

  • Cooperation: We maintain and develop a deep sense of cooperation with our colleagues and stand side by side to face challenges.
  • Feeling: We reflect and live our humanity through our noble behavior, and then transmitted to society on an ongoing basis.
  • Support: We are committed to enabling staff to carry out their work in the best psychological and cognitive conditions, and to enabling patients to contribute to understanding the problem and then participating in its solution.

  • Excellence: We always aspire to be a role model in the health field in transforming knowledge into positive behavior that considers exemplary work controls.
  • Responsibility: We believe that our mission is a trust imposed by the ethics of the humanitarian mission we address.
  • Development: We are committed to perfecting our work, as we always move towards the best for the good of society and humanity.

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