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Introduction to Periodontics; Restorative Perspective
Date: 31st December 2011
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Venue: Riyadh Dental Center - KSMC
             2nd floor Auditorium
Title: “Introduction to Periodontics; Restorative Perspective"
Speaker: Dr. Amani Mirdad
               Specialist Periodontics
               RDC - KSMC
CME Accreditation: 3 Hours / SCHS
The Riyadh Dental Center – Saudi Board in Restorative Dentistry at King Saud Medical City , has formally invitated Dr. Amani Mirdad a Periodontist Specialist at Riyadh Dental Center - KSMC aS keynote speaker at the upcoming RDC SBRD Weekly Scientific Assembly.
The theme is “Introduction to Periodontics; Restorative Perspective”. Our goal for the lecture is to raise over-all awareness of the attendees in the topic such as:
  • Components of Periodontal Apparatus
  • Recent Classification of Periodontal Disease
  • Appropriate Methods in Evaluation and Recording Findings
  • Essential Periodontal Indexes (Plaque, Bleeding, Recession, Mobility .. etc.)
  • Biological Width
  • Periodontal – Restorative/Prosthodontic Interrelationship and points of concern
  • Effect of Reduced Periodontal Support on Restorative Capacity
  • When is the Tooth Indicated Unrestorable from a Periodontal Point of View?
  • Periodontal Corrective and Esthetic Surgical Procedures (Indications and Contraindications)
  • Essential Pre-Surgical Preparations and Case Assessment Procedures
  • Brief Insight on Grafts, Bone Augmentation and Membranes
The lecture will be held at the Riyadh Dental Center – 2nd floor auditorium. It will be a one-day event from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on Saturday 31st of December 2011. The event has been given Three (3H) Accreditation hours by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
For more information, contact us on:
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