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(MoH) Starts Initial Stages of Health Survey for School Students
05 March 2018  

​​​The Ministry of Health (MoH) conducts the health survey program for school students.  A number of stakeholders has taken part in a training course that includes employees of Health Affairs Directorates in districts and provinces to train on the health survey program for male and female students, in cooperation with relevant agencies.

According to MoH, the program aims to conduct a medical examination of students in first and fourth primary grades, first graders in intermediate and secondary schools. Through the training course, MoH seeks to train health cadres on tests in the health survey program for students, as well as exchanging expertise and overcoming challenge to the application of the health survey program for school students. .

The course includes a briefing on the importance of medical tests and referrals in the school age, benefits of immunizations in the school age, calculating body mass and its indication, checking eye sight, spine curvature, dental examination and fluoride application. The course also tackles skills of early detection of smoking in the school age and how to deal with it, learning difficulties, early detection of hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit, roles and responsibilities as well as detection of depression and addiction among adults.

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