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Employment Opportunities in Northern Borders
Domestic Medicine Department in Northern Borders Health Affairs Directorate offers several employment opportunities, within self-employment program, as follows: 
 Job Title​ Number​ Requirements​
Physician​ 1​ -Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.
-2+ years of work experience.
Nurse​ ​ 2​ -Bachelor of Nursing.
-1+ years of work experience.​
3​ -Nursing Diploma (2.5 years).
-1+ years of work experience.​
Psychiatrist​ 1​ -Bachelor of Psychology.​
Physiotherapist​ 2​ -Bachelor of Physiotherapy.​
Physical Therapy Technician
1​ -Diploma in Physiotherapy (+2.5 years).
-1+ years of work experience.​
Dietitian​ 1​ -Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics​
Driver​ 1​ -Valid driving license.
-Applicant must be over 30 years old.
-Primary school certificate holder.​
 IT Officer​ 1​
- Higher Diploma in Computer Studies from a technical college.​

Kindly send a photocopy of obtained degree(s) and a photocopy of National I.D to the following e-mail:

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