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Identifying Research Priorities

​​​Start Date: 01/11/1442H.

End Date: 03/01/1443H.

In an effort to encourage the scientific research agenda to meet the community’s needs, the Research and Studies General Department would like to share with you MOH’s list of research priorities and to seek your opinion about them.

Participation Method:
Questions will be added when they are ready.

Next Steps:
  • Analyzing participations: Participations will be sorted and analyzed, and the appropriates ones will be used in decision-making and policy formulating.
  • Interaction with the Results and Announcing Steps to Be Taken: The action taken will be announced on the subject page, as well as the appropriates responses of the main participations.
In case of any remakes or suggestions, please send them to this e-mail​ under the subject: Community participation.


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