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Saudi Arabia’s Experience in Health Preparedness and Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The experience of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in dealing with Covid 19 pandemic added innovative concepts in managing health crises, and  introduces a new model to the world on managing the repercussions of any health situation. Additionally, the Kingdom's efforts extended externally to support the international community in order to protect millions of people from the threat of the pandemic; its goal in the first place is to preserve health in accordance with the approved standards, in addition to supporting the efforts of countries and international organizations, especially the World Health Organization,  to stop and eradicate the spread of virus. All this is evident through this (document) that aims to document the efforts, readiness, preparations and health response of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the national level during the Covid-19 pandemic (2020), in addition to the methodology and strategies upon which the Kingdom relied in confronting the pandemic, based on its experience accumulated over decades in dealing with the epidemic. This is explained in the second edition of the (document, Januar​y 2023).

Last Update : 13 April 2023 04:50 PM
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