The National Plan

Pandemic Stages.
  1. First Stage.
    No animal to human cases
  2. Second stage.
    Viruses transmit between tamed and wild animals causing infections among humans, an indication for the possibility of a pandemic
  3. Third Stage.
    Modified human and animal viruses cause scattered or limited group infections among humans, but no human to human infections.
  4. Fourth Stage.
    Human to human infections are caused by a new type of the virus which is capable of causing limited epidemics. The limitedness of the epidemic is an indication that the virus has not adapted to infect humans.
  5. Fifth Stage.
    Human to human infections occur at least in two countries in one of WHO regions, but no signs of the pandemic in the other countries.
  6. Sixth Stage . (The Pandemic Stage)
    The disease spreads among large groups of people in at least two of WHO regions, with possibility for worldwide spreading.
  7. Seventh Stage ( Post-Climax Stage )
    This is the stage where an epidemiologic surveillance system shows dropping of the number of cases. This stage may be followed by additional waves of the pandemic.
  8. Eight Stage ( Post -Epidemic Stage )
    In this stage the number of cases return to its normal status.
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