Non-Communicable Diseases

Premature Babies

​​Condition: Preterm birth (premature babies)

Many factors may expose a pregnant woman to premature birth. They include:
  • Having a previous premature birth
  • Pregnancy with twins, triplets, or other multiples
  • Some chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Some infections (inflammations). 
  • Pregnancy at a young age. 
  • Lifestyle and habits (e.g. Smoking, stress, anxiety).
  • Premature detachment of the placenta, or induction of effective uterine contractions before the end of pregnancy.
Health problems associated with preterm birth:
Most of the health problems in premature babies are caused by premature birth before the functions of various organs in the body are completed. These babies must be provided with medical assistance using various devices and medicines to help them overcome this period. These health problems include:
  • ​Breathing problems;
  • Cardiovascular problems;
  • Blood problems (e.g. anemia);
  • Impaired gastrointestinal function.
How to look after a premature baby?
A premature baby needs to be admitted to ICU, where the following procedures are available:
  • Proper heating to maintain the baby’s body temperature.
  • Nutrition supplied to the baby's body through solutions and tubes.
  • Emergency respirator.

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