Announcements about Private Health Sector Performance

Seeking to Preserve Patients' Health, MOH Closes a Hospital
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has approved a decision to close a private hospital in north Jeddah altogether, following the death of the child named: Salahuddin Youssef Abdullatif Jameel. This procedure is taken as a reaction to the hospital's irregularities and non-compliances since the year 1430H, as several punitive actions have formerly taken against the hospital; which affirms patients will be no longer safe in such a hospital.
The Ministry pointed out that it has a medical committee including in its membership consultant physicians specialized in intensive care, quality assurance, anesthesia and surgery. The committee has studied the file of the deceased child, May he be interceding for his family. It also listened to the testimonies of the relevant physicians and technicians, as well as those of the child's family and relatives. Moreover, the committee has reviewed the reports submitted by the specialized engineering committee formed for this very purpose, aiming to determine the status of the hospital's equipment. After listening to the testimony of the Forensic Agent, who endorsed the hospital has committed critical errors and violations, the committee completed its investigation and, thereupon, made the recommendations to follow:
  1. Proceeding on the regular investigation conducted by the Medical Irregularities Committees (Public Interest), in compliance with the Health Professions Practice System issued under Royal Decree No. D/40, dated 4/11/1426H (corresponding to 6/12/2005). That's to be added to sending a photocopy of the Committee's resolution to the chairman of the Forensic Health Commission to inform him of the findings (Private Interest), according to the Health Institutions System, issued under Royal Decree No. D/59, dated 3/11/1423H (corresponding to 6/1/2003).
  2. Closing the hospital completely for a period of two months, as of the issuance of the decision, and this period may be extended until all the procedures and equipments are concordant with safety and security standards, thus preserving patients' health. In the meantime, the hospital has to take the necessary action to move patients hospitalized in it to other hospitals before closure.
In its press release, the Ministry made clear, in addition, that the committee assigned to consider irregularities, violations and non-compliances has based its decisions on certain incidents, including:
  1. The hospital's cardiopulmonary resuscitation team (CPR) hasn't been working in a scientifically sound manner, in addition to the unsafe procedures taken at the radiology section, which is unequipped with full anesthesia and CPR.
  2. Lack of hospital's supervision and control on the specialists when receiving the location after maintenance and testing exits in a scientifically approved way (the oxygen source has been examined by the hospital's relevant officer, and it turned out that the gas is nitrogen oxide, not oxygen).
The Ministry further expounded that this resolution emanates from the its keen interest in preserving patients' health and safety, and ensuring the development and improvement of the health services provided by the private health sector.
Furthermore, the Ministry stressed that it will take the proper legal actions, including precautionary close, against any health institution proven to be non-compliant with the required quality standards of health services. In doing so, the Ministry aims to oblige these institutions to improve their circumstances and amend all defects, according to what is stipulated in the legal procedures.
The Ministry emphasized that it looks upon the private health sector as a strategic partner, playing a crucial role in health development. In the meantime, it hopes that the private health sector will comply with the accepted quality standards, so as to provide safe and secure health services to our citizens, concordant with the MOH's responsibility and aspirations.
Concluding its statement, the Ministry extended the deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased child. May Allah bless his soul, and confer patience and solace upon his family.
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