Business Follow-Up Unit
Organizational Reporting Structure:
Reports to the Department of Administrative Affairs.
General Objective:
In charge of all incoming and outgoing follow-up as instructed by the Minister or the General Manager of the Office.
  • Using scheduled phone calls to follow up transactions according to their priority and urgency both within and outside of the Ministry, as instructed by the Minister or the General Director, taking into account the reasonable amount of time required for the concerned departments to complete procedures.
  • Conducting phone calls regarding matters that require gathering information and preparing reports for future meetings or conferences.
  • Performing the follow-up procedures in their standard forms.
  • Filing computer follow-up forms (4, 8A and 8B) to expedite the process.
  • Informing the General Manager regularly about follow-up results.
  • Preparing follow-up reports to be signed by either the Minister or the General Manager of the Office regarding issues which exceeded the time limit after contacting the concerned department at least twice.
  • Destroying copies and follow-up forms of completed issues and transactions.
  • Performing any other assigned task.
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