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​​The Ministry of Health seeks to achieve a number of objectives on top of which to increase health a open the largest possible number of channels of interaction and participation with its visitors. Having this in mind and after the appearance on the scene of a number of famous social communication sites the aim of the web  is to create its own Web pages on those sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others with the objective of  expanding access and participation from the attendees of the Internet. Despite the concentration of the website management and its focus on the need for continuous updating of all materials of the most important news and events, but the various social communication websites provide a number of other characteristics that make it easier for  its visitors to follow all new, post comments and opinions with a large number of participants in those sites.

As the social communication sites offer such a huge amount  of characteristics   linked directly with the participation and that are difficult to be provided at the electronic websites of the government, it is considered to add value both to the user participating in social communication sites or to the website of the Ministry of Health, which established its own Web pages on those sites.

The following is a review of the main features and characteristics available on social communication sites that help users and visitors to achieve the greatest possible use and benefit from the website pages of the Ministry of Health.
  • Subscriber on the website page of the Ministry of Health on various social communication sites can get continuous updates of all published information without having to visit the website of the Ministry of Health.
  • Despite the possibility to participate and comment on news reports and articles published at the website of the Ministry of Health, participation and comment on the ministry's page on the social communication sites is characterized   by the diversity of forms so registered participant can comment on the comments posted and his comments still appear on his own personal page whereby all the linked to his page can get access to his comments, which may lead them to prescribe in the page of the Ministry of Health on the same social networking site.
  • The possibility of automatic reading of most social communication sites, which in turn provides real-time update of what is published on the website page of the Ministry of Health of news and updates of interest to the participants in the social communication sites.
  • YouTube site provides the possibility of participation including the promise of video clips included in the pages of Facebook, which extends from the circle of access to those sections and increases the amount of comments.
  • The participant  in the social communication sites will be able to form a more comprehensive vision on all published materials on the website page of the Ministry of Health particularly with the presence of many of the comments of known people or of others easy for him to identify.

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