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Content Management and Publication
​​Overview of Content Management and its Publication on the MOH Portal
The content team conducts various editing and publishing tasks on the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) portal, making use of a professional, specialized team of editors and coordinators.
Preparation and Publication Phases:
The tasks are conducted within a systematic mechanism which involves receiving the content, editing it or updating it before publishing. The content in the MOH portal encompasses several fields, such as news and announcements about the Ministry’s activities and health awareness campaigns, covering of global and local health-related events, as well as handling of the content of MOH’s departments and directorates. After receiving the content, it is directed to the editor to do the needful final revision, editing and drafting before publishing. Afterwards, the content is directed to the coordinator to be published.
In addition to the above mentioned tasks, the content team is entrusted with communication and follow-up with the concerned bodies the requests of any needed content, editing or publishing it. Editors write and draft any urgent updates requested by the Portal’s directors to be published. Moreover, the content team insures the quality of the published materials on the Portal, and in case of any comments or reservations, they promptly rectify to do the proper needful updates.
Thus, the content team tasks involve:
  • Communication and follow-up with coordinators of the competent bodies since the beginning and during the workflow.
  • Reviewing and editing any contents.
  • Collaboration with editors to write and draft any new contents upon the directors’ commands.
Medical Information Sources:
Since the Ministry of Health (MOH) strongly adheres to credibility and confidentiality with regard to the published information in the different health specializations, any medical or health-related information published on the MOH Portal is composed by its doctors, who are specialized in the different medical fields. When the medical information is quoted from external sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or any other source, the Portal content team makes sure to mention the reference and put the link of the information source below the page.
Portal Reference and Compliance with Legal Requirements:
The MOH portal (http://www.moh.gov.sa/en/Pages/Default.aspx) represents a governmental organization subsidized and funded by the Saudi government, i.e. the Ministry of Health.
The MOH Portal department is fully obliged to enforce the legal requirements of the privacy of health information applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by adhering to the related charters and regulations.
Advertising Policy:
The advertising policy of the MOH Portal is based on publishing and announcing the events and activities of the ministry and any other related health-awareness events to the community. The MOH Portal does not host any external advertisements; and it does not collect money through advertising. 
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