National Prevention Plan

Precautions recommended to travelers
It is highly recommended to make blood testing to those coming from pandemic-stricken countries, so as to ensure whether or not they are infected with avian influenza (H5N1), in case they are suffering from any respiratory symptoms (e.g. pneumonia), especially those who have been in contact with poultry (in poultry farms, markets, etc.)
  • Precautions recommended for travelers to stricken places:
  1. So far, the WHO has not issued any travel bans to any of the countries affected by (H5N1).
  2. The WHO has not recommended any measures to be applied on those coming from the countries affected by (H5N1).
  3. It is advisable for travelers to see their doctors prior to heading for any of the countries affected by (H5N1). And on arrival, it is advisable to be aware of any health information or instructions concerning the infection, as well as any developments taking place during his stay.
  • When traveling to any of the countries affected by (H5N1), it is recommended to:
  1. Avoid touching any birds or poultry (either live birds or meat), and keep away from their places.
  2. Keep away from the places with high infection probability, like poultry farms and bird parks.
  3. Avoid touching any of tools of aviculture or poultry transportation or storing, such as bird cages and bird pans.
  4. Avoid eating white meat unless very well cooked (considering the virus does not survive 70° C).
  5. Wash your hands well, by using water and soap.
Last Update : 02 September 2012 09:53 AM
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