«Sehhaty» Platform

«Sehhaty» Platform
تطبيق (صحتي)
Sehhaty Platform:
It is the unified platform of Ministry of Health, which allows users to access health information and obtain several health services provided by various entities in the health sector in Saudi Arabia.
What does (Sehhaty) platform offer?
The platform provides users in the Kingdom with a wide range of health services provided to facilitate the provision of integrated healthcare to individuals, and these services include:

Take a step healthcare through:
  • Immediate consultations.
  • Booking and reviewing appointments.
  • Remote appointments.
Easy access to the following services:
  • Search for medication.
  • Digital Health Wallet.
  • Review sick leaves and medical reports.
  • Asafny.
  • Women's health.
  • Dependents’ services.
A healthy family life through the following services:
  • A doctor for each family (My Doctor).
  • Record of children's vaccinations.
  • Your child's appointments.
Healthy lifestyle through:
  • Following-up vital signs (Know Your Numbers service).
  • Counting steps.
  • Saving a list of medicines.
  • Educational content.
Prevention and protection through:
  • COVID-19 screening appointment.
  • COVID-19 vaccines appointment.
  • Vaccinations appointment
  • Early warning of weather conditions for asthmatics.
Who uses this platform?
Sehhaty platform serves all individuals, citizens, and residents in the Kingdom, along with their dependents, including children, the elderly, or people with special needs.

What is the language available in this service?
The Ministry provides its electronic services in both Arabic and English.

How do I register on the platform?
Steps to register on Sehhaty platform.

All health in Sehhaty download it now:

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