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​​​The Kingdom's government realizes the importance of the Internet in our lives today; in terms of the dependence of many organizations on e-services, and the need of citizens and residents to access such services any time. Hence, the government offered some parties free Internet in some places and seasons.

Free Access to Government Apps:
Internet service providers in Saudi Arabia allow free of charge access on mobile applications of government agencies, including the Ministry of Health, which are:

Wi-Fi Hotspots in Public Places:
The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has offered free Wi-Fi hotspots in a number of public places (totaling more than 60,000 hotspots) throughout the Kingdom. Thus, CITC has worked with Internet service providers to offer coverage maps that allow users to view them on the company's website, or via its application, and to access coverage maps:

Last Update : 20 May 2024 01:07 PM
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