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Hospital Staff Response to Needs of Inpatients at Afif General Hospital


Start Date: Wednesday, 01/01/2020
End Date: Friday, 28/02/2020

Participation Method:
A questionnaire was given to inpatients and their companions- 25,897 participants.

Participation Outcomes:
Are you satisfied with the response of hospital staff to your morale needs?
​No: 5,179 (20%)
​Yes: 20,718 (80%)​

Interacting with the results and announcing the steps to be taken:
Introducing (sum) service (the service concerned with the health care provider's call system in an innovative way, away from the traditional methods currently in use and according to the highest quality standards, to ensure a speedy response to the patient during his stay in the hospital), by a circular No. 199/d dated 24/04/1442H (09/12/2020) issued by Afif General Hospital. 

In case of any remakes or suggestions, please send them to the email ​under the subject: Community participation.

Last Update : 29 April 2021 01:50 PM
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