​​​Clinic Location​
Hail General HospitalLocation
Sumairaa General HospitalLocation
King Khalid HospitalLocation
Al-Shinan HospitalLocation
Mouqiq HospitalLocation
Al-Haet General Hospital's Anti-Smoking ClinicLocation
Al-Amal Mental Health ComplexLocation
Al-Shemli General HospitalLocation
Main Clinic at the Television Nighbourhood (east of the Government Agencies Complex)Location
Sumairaa Healthcare CenterLocation
Baq'aa Hospital's Anti-Smoking ClinicLocation
Al-Shinan Anti-Smoking ClinicLocation
Al-Shemli Anti-Smoking ClinicLocation
Al-Halifah Al-Ulya Healthcare CenterLocation
Al-Khemashiyah Healthcare CenterLocation
Al-Badiyah Healthcare CenterLocation
Al-Aziziyah Healthcare Center