Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

Who is at risk?
High Risk Groups of Influenza:
Influenza may affect all people, but there are groups that are at higher risk of developing serious complications due to the flu, and are thus recommended by WHO to take the flu vaccine each year: 
  1. Patients with chronic diseases:  
  • Bronchial Asthma ( even if condition is stable) and other chronic lung diseases.
  • Chronic heart diseases (congenital heart diseases, heart failure and coronary arteries diseases).
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Chronic renal diseases.
  • Chronic liver diseases.
  • Weakened immune system congenital or acquired (due to cancer or on steroids).

   02.  6 m - 18 yr on long term Aspirin therapy.

   03. Morbid obesity.

   04. Elderly (over 50 years).

   05. Children under 5 years, especially those less than 2 years old.

   06. Pregnant women (at any time during pregnancy).

   07. Those living in nursing homes (the elderly and handicapped).

   08. Those planning to  go for Hajj or Umra (even during Summer) due to increased chances of getting infected by southern hemisphere viruses. 

   09. Other categories, such as healthcare workers or those who care for children under 5 years (especially those who care for children less than 6 months of age), given that complications of influenza likely to affect such groups in addition; children under 6 months of age can not take the vaccination



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