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Al-Jalajel Inspects Health Facilities in Makkah
07 July 2022

​In implementation of the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Mr. Fahad bin Abdurrahman Al-Jalajel, inspected the progress of work in the hospitals of Makkah and the holy sites. At the outset of his inspection tour, he visited Mina Al-Wadi Hospital and got acquainted with the progress of work and medical treatment the hospitals will provide for pilgrims during this year’s Hajj 1443H. He toured the hospital’s different departments and listened to a detailed report from the hospital director. 

The hospital has a bed capacity of 160 beds, including 24 beds for emergency, 6 beds for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, 4 beds for suspected cases of respiratory diseases, 4 beds for kidney dialysis, as well as 25 beds allocated for intensives care and 24 beds for sunstrokes. The hospital has 15 outpatient clinic and 550 employees (administrative, technical and medical) working around the clock.

After that, he visited the emergency complex in Al Muaisem and its showroom and the death refrigerators.  

The complex is one of MOH’s vital facilities in Makkah and holy sites. It provides its services throughout the year (represented by the Regional Forensic Medical Center in Makkah and the Department of Mortality Affairs in Makkah), and particularly during Hajj season (represented by forensic medicine team). The complex, which was inaugurated during the Hajj season of 1417H, provides its services through 3 main sections: the forensic medicine center, which provides services related to forensic medicine, and in the event of any emergency situation or crisis resulting in many deaths outside the Hajj season. Department of mortality affairs, which provides services related to mortality, including supervision of death refrigerators of forensic medicine and embalming work throughout the year. It also monitors death departments in Makkah’s hospitals and the forensic medicine team that deals with emergency cases or crises that resulted in many deaths during the Hajj season.

Also, al-Jalajel visited Mina Al-Jisr Hospital’s different departments and clinics, including the heat stroke unit, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and intensive care. Then, he visited the Crisis and Disaster Center in Makkah region, and got briefed on the progress of work in the center's various departments.
The National Health Emergency Operations Center (NHEOC) is a strategic project to enhance operation related health disaster management in the Kingdom at the national and local level.

The center aims to raise the level of coordination between the concerned departments and success partners. The center has been designed according to the highest standards of structural and functional engineering. It is also equipped with the latest display screens and means of communication, as well as a web eoc system, which aims to automate events management, and provide data and analysis for decision makers to handle disaster operations in a more effective and accurate manner.

He concluded his inspection tour by paying a visit to Mina Emergency Hospital and MOH’s command and control room in Makkah and holy sites.

It is noteworthy that, during the Hajj season this year, MOH has prepared 23 hospitals and 147 healthcare centers, and increased their capacity to 5,000 beds in Makkah, the Holy Sites, and Madinah. Also, about 25,000 qualified health practitioners participate in providing health care for pilgrims.

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