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Health Volunteer in Hajj: A Saudi Nurse Success Story
​​A nurse working in a hospital in Jeddah, called Enas Niaz, lost vision, in terms of decreasing to only 30% in one of her eyes; due to an accidental injury inside her house. Despite her therapy attempts for three years, they come up with only this percentage, being the highest that can be achieved; due to the damage to visual center. Hence, the injury could have deteriorated her life in general, with developing a state of severe depression up to her intention to resign (or quit her job).

Participating in Health Volunteering Program to serve pilgrims during this year's Hajj season, Enas told her story, highlighting how her life changed for the better after her participation in volunteer work.

 “The accident occurred about three years ago, when I fell into a state of depression after knowing the vision loss in my left eye. I lost hope, and my psychological state deteriorated, until one of my colleagues encouraged me to get involved with volunteer work; in an endeavor to help me overcome this psychological crisis,” said Enas.

She added: "I initially participated in a volunteer health tour through simple districts, during which I met people, who live another life happily and reassured, despite suffering from low income and diseases, yet they live a happy life," underlining that "The diversity of people's circumstances made me realize the blessing and prosperity I live, because there is another life that deserves my attention. The fact that my injury is never compared to worse ones, so I thanked Allah for the job, home, physical health, another eye with which I can see, and all blessing bestowed upon me.”

Enas pointed out that she is happy to get involved in volunteering campaigns, especially when she hears supplications of beneficiaries of the volunteer work for the sake of volunteers, who work to help them for free and with no compensation.

Regarding her volunteer work during Hajj season, Enas highlighted that she participates in Health Volunteering Platform through one of the specialized academies; as volunteers' work is focused on field work; in terms of caring for pilgrims’ wounds, or helping them in cases of heat exhaustion, in addition to transporting them to health facilities and other services.


Last Update : 07 July 2022 02:54 PM
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