Health Awareness

Health of Visitors and Residents
Saudi Arabia has attached a great interest to health sector seeking to provide all citizens, residents and visitors with high quality health services.
This has been clearly reflected in all efforts made by the Ministry of Health and its portal, which is considered one of the most effective channels of communication between the Ministry and the beneficiaries of its services.

The Ministry of Health imposed on private companies working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide health insurance for all its employees to receive the best possible health care services in the best private hospitals and health centers. 

Health Services for Pilgrims
The Ministry of Health has put all its efforts to provide better health services to pilgrims and visitors to the city of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) under the theme (Health of Pilgrims is our Mission). At the same time, the ministry has always been interested in all related health services for pilgrims and put it at the top of priorities. In the Hajj season, the ministry raises level of alert to maximum and harnesses its potential to provide better quality health services in accordance with its plans and programs.
The Ministry of Health has sought in the meantime to gain the satisfaction of the pilgrims and would help fulfill the expectations of Saudi rulers - may God save them- and realize their aspirations. This is reflected by substantive indicators of performance excellence from year to year.

The following are the most prominent services provided by the Ministry of Health to Pilgrims:
  • Ministry of Health provides integrated and free health services to pilgrims and visitors during Hajj and other seasons through a network of distinguished hospitals and health centers which have been allocated for this purpose, in addition to other hospitals and centers that operate throughout the year. The ministry also provides a range of treatment services of all kinds as well as small and critical surgical, inpatient services and other services.
  • The ministry provides free vaccinations and preventive vaccines to pilgrims and other visitors to Saudi Arabia. There is also a connection with embassies and international bodies about pilgrims' health and epidemics and communicable diseases can be transmitted among them.
For more information about MOH's Health services to pilgrims, please Visit the Hajj Website.

Emergency and Ambulance Services
All hospitals and health centers of the Ministry of Health provide a variety of health services for all citizens, residents and visitors concerning emergencies. The services include dealing with emergency and free ambulance transport.
For a directory of Saudi public health facilities, click here​

Hosting Injured from Outside Saudi Arabia
In order to implement the directives of the Rulers in dealing expeditiously with humanitarian and critical cases, the Kingdom hosts some injured from outside Saudi Arabia and provides them with specialized treatment services at the highest levels. In addition, KSA hosts constantly conjoined twins cases under constant monitoring by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the direct supervision of the Minister of Health and that is the field which Saudi Arabia has achieved a high distinction during the past years.

Awareness and Education
The Ministry of Health is interested in increasing health awareness through providing a wide range of health information on its portal. The ministry provides a variety of topics about diseases, women's health, children's health, and many other topics. For more health information, please click here

Mobile Applications
The Ministry of Health Portal provides applications that are compatible with Mobile. User can browse the website via mobile through the following link (url). You can also use the Ministry of Health program (iPhone) and upload it on your mobile phone via the click here.
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